If I had been told that my heart was to be shattered into a million tiny pieces that even Picasso couldn’t have gathered back into a masterpiece, had I been informed that the world that I once knew would turn a forever shade of grey as if I was constantly looking out the front windshield of a car with tinted windows, had I been aware that when the earth falls from beneath your feet, even the most intense roller coaster couldn’t mimic the effect of that dropping in your stomach, even if I had known all of these things… I’d still fall in love with you.
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They say ‘stop being so dramatic!’
It’s really ‘no big deal’.
They’ve turned ‘kill yourself’ into a joke,
and act like suicide’s not real.
But it becomes real when you hear a knock
at 3 am on your front door…
the girl you’ve been always been best friends with
simply is no more.
The note she left behind
is covered in questions starting ‘why’
as in everyone was laughing,
when all I wanted to do was cry.
And how can a joke be funny
when it’s hurting those who hear it?
I try to raise my voice and ask
but they say ‘have a little more spirit’.
I can’t sit by and let more kids
be told to take their life.
You think you’re making an innocent joke…
but you’re handing them the knife.
"Go Kill Yourself" is not funny (via wordsbyms)